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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Let Me Be, par Youth Brigade

you think you know me you don't know shit talking about me have we even
met don't wanna hear another word about me from youand if i do you'll
curse the day you opened you mouth oh just let me be don't get close
stay away form me i don't want your sympathy don't need your help this
is my life get the hell out you don't need violence to hurt someone
there are many ways to kill without taking a life the only hurt greater
than heartbreak is death but at least when you die its usually quick i
don't need anyone to tell me all the things i could have done if you're
a friend you'll leave me alone

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Stupid Karate Punk-Hardcore (France)
Negative FX Hardcore (Etats-Unis)
Cold Front Hardcore (Etats-Unis)
FTX Hardcore (France)
Mental Hardcore (Etats-Unis)
Dead Kennedys Punk-Hardcore (Etats-Unis)
Pneu Noise (France)