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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Prayer Meeting, par Capitalist Casualties

In this everlasting shower of peace
They revel in the passive scripture of shit
To pray for those deemed unworthy
It spews intolerance on the unbelieving
Their cult is all over this town
Their church stands for the murder of generations
You are invited to comply and submit
No priest shall hold my sinning hand
Defiance-for the sacred holy word of bastards
Clutching each other they weep
Papal edicts evoke the holy bloodline
Of the pampered white rich
Conveying the mass of deliverance
Callous modern men of fear
Your heaven-like ghetto lasts no more
Prayer meeting dispersed
Trails of faith stale, treachery feeds itself
In your suburban monuments to christ
I light the fuse of dissension
The fire I wield will forever burn
Inside your cathedral of shame

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