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They fled unknowing and settled unaware
Population density (ignorance) pushed them in need
Of what they call "how it was back then" excuses
Run to your empires of falsity
American life on morbid display
Welcome to our planned community
Cleverly disguised as "The Friendly City"
The houses' pleasant facade tells lies
Like life, terror lives in the halls
Mind molestation and physical rape
Torture and inhuman drug abuse
It all starts within the white sickening halls
Of school, in youth sports, in quiet church yards
Corrupt pig training ground
Simple protection of rights ignored by training films
Real crimes committed behind idiocy
This pleasant prison infects
I won't dare die here, I can't think here
I can't live here, I can't stand another fucking day here
We grew up in these planned communities, our parents fled the growing ghettos the cities were soon to become...rotting inner cities vomited married, couples with children
Seeking safer places with "less color".
We ended up here...a town divided into
Alphabetical "sections"
(We called them "cell blocks")
....On this street in C-Section
I would spend most of my life here.
Under the clean exterior
Lies vacant surreal ignorance fueled b
Christian righteous beliefs a
And racism
Morbid american life on display
Welcome to our planned community
Cleverly disguised as "The Friendly City"
Fuck this place
Automatic search and seizure
Automatic confiscation of your home
Pig-stroking mayor needs new stations
Gratify the swine with praise and ass-licking
In these planned communities we see no big pictures here
Just television to teach us...
Minds in this town are government-issue bleached
Know now the cold stares and mistreatment by society
You will be eating from the fast food garbage
No one secedes
They thought they would never have needs
In this quiet, devoted compliant world
Planned community had other plans unfurled
And left us in shadowed, desperate exposure
Isolated in the helpless, hopeless towns..
This town can fuck you off and destroy your life
Fragile City of Glass
Tragedy on every street and face
But sometimes I think I can only see it.

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