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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  You've got big hands, par CRASS

Out of the chaos we divide
Fucked up, muddled up looking for a side
Stay on the outside, don't go in
Don't think that you can do it,
If you sell out they win
It's not like that the changes are made
Give in to them, your chances are delayed
You'll feed with your energies the things that you hate
Diluting your strength each time they say yes

Their hands are big, they've got big hands
Big hands, big hands, big hands etc...

You're talking with sounds they don't understand
Big hands etc..
They've got big mouths to shout demands
Big hands etc..
They'll let you past a couple of times
Big hands etc..
You think you're getting somewhere, you're fucking blind
Big hands etc..
This structures stretches, it'll bend but not break
Big hands etc..
This system channels any threat that you make
Big hands etc..
It will do almost anything to accomodate,
Accomodate you and your liberal ideas
You're the child in their garden
The dog on their lead
Their token to changes that are never made
Can't you see that for centuries, it's been the same
Plenty like you have been seduced to the game
The chain's still as tight, won't let in the light
Can you tell me what's different?
Whose hopes will you feed?
Will you feed their arses
Will you feed their big hands?
Bigs hands etc...

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