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You can swear by who the fuck you like
But you're still on the roof
I'm not gonna change the system
They're not gonna change the system
We're not gonna change the system
Where does that leave you? Where does that leave me?
Jumping up and down to a bunch of tools
The organisation treat us like fools
They can't help it, they didn't make the rules
It's just the system again, BOLLOCKS
Bind us round with ignorance
Fit us up with a petty stance
Fill us up with cheap romance
Leave no option, no chance
What've they got? Fuck all? NO
What've they got? A swimming pool?
Where do you get it? Follow the rules
System, system, system
Keeping their fingers on the breaks
Down the ladders, up the snakes
Buy the band and call the tune, nah

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BJCL Punk-Hardcore (France)
B.G.K. Punk-Hardcore (Pays-Bas)
All Punk-Rock (Etats-Unis)
Big Black Punk-Rock (Etats-Unis)
Discharge Hardcore (Royaume-Uni)
Oversmurf Emo / Screamo (France)
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