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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Hurry up Garry, par CRASS

I've heard too much about the people in the ghetto
Heard too much about the working class motto
How you don't know life if you ain't seen the street
Racialist poor against the racialist elite
A million people in factory and office
Aware there's something missing, but living with their losses
There's no fight to get where they'd rather be
Only the accepting of dependency
Wait in the shop, for what you ain't got
Lying on the beaches for the social elite
Working 9 to 4, revolved around more
Fear, guilt, abuse, love and moral truth
War in your bedroom, bodies in your fridge
Domestic violence, the tomb you dig
Rules for survival, rules that they wrote
Thinking it's your freedom when it's rammed down your throat
On the boundary, choose your family
Choose what school, no choice at all
Choose what church, allow you to hurt
Choosing your power, choosing your hour

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