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Maybe you think it's the new new wave
Well all it is is just another rave
Maybe it looks like the writing's on the wall
But you've seen it before, it's another death pall
So somebody's coming with the answer to the shit
Well it's just bad rock and roll chivvied up a bit
Someone's looking after it, there's time for a laugh
But you're leading yourself up another garden path
A million people are sitting out of work
I never wanted in, so I'm treated as a shirk
Who's the fool in the Irish joke
When the say you've got is your stupid vote
It's all very comfy while they keep the war vocal
But the bombs in Belfast are coming down your local
I wanna know how much you can take
Cos you've taken it all and that's just great
Go and see a band and it's another fucking bore
Another bunch of jerks are shitting on the poor
Or you might just get the adrenalin rush
Or the jock rot heavy metal leg iron gush
Ave fucking maria is what I say
She's still going strong and it won't go away
You can run religion on a football chant
Or the other way around if that's what you want
You can get anyone crawling through shit
Skivvying their lives away, slaving in the pit
All you need is to have the right key
Comfort and justice and liberty
Hi mum, hi dad, family life
Til your heart blows up from those shitty lies
Have some fun while you're young, son
Fun while you're young, fun, fun, fun
It's gonna go on etc

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