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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Crutch of society, par CRASS

Don't want to bury my head in the crutch of society
Perverted parent that takes my energy
Sucking me dry with your morals, your threats
Christ, your queen, your politics
Fucking hypersensitive, super realist humanity
I'm one of your super hybred community
Commutes the arsehole of the economy
Watch out, watch out, it's all about
Reversion's setting in, and I can see you
Staring at me with your seizured brain
Trying to put me down the drain again
Well you're too smart, right from the start
I learned it well that the truth will tell
And you're done for, it's what the son's for
It's what the gun's for, it's what I've come for
You better run bore, you better run bore (x4)

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