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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Contaminational power, par CRASS

Chorus: Cause a disturbance, don't let this slide by
Do you want to end up a McDonalds french fry?
Atomic power, atomic power, death shower, maggies power

The dust is settling, ticking in your brain
Ain't imagination gonna blow you away
Who cares a fuck as it's work for the people?
Compromised labour you build your death with
Cheaper goodies, more time with the family
Don't be fooled with their gestures of equality
The only thing that's equal is your own rotting corpse
Staring at each other to see who'll make it first


She holds it over you, you won't hear a thing
No great contender to help the people win
Another white paper gets waved in the air
A victory for the modern world
But you won't be there
Are you gonna let it shower over you?
The new great energy that sucks off yours
Giving all you wanted as it settles in your pores
Make it known just this once that people ain't toys
Cause a disturbance, cause a fucking noise
Atomic power is just another of their ploys
To build their firepower and defend the nation
They expose us to contamination
Contamination etc..
Contains the nation, that old sensation
Contamination etc..
Cause a disturbance, cause a fucking noise
Atomic power is just another of their ploys

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