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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Bodies, par Danzig

don't cry
don't die
please don't cry

i been taking all the silver
i been saving all the gold
i'm gonna stuff it down the throat
of a week old corpse
save that doggone soul
i been saving up my pain
i'm gonna give it back in spades
i been strangling the cries
from the murder of love
save your soul tonight

i been raising up the dead
gonna send them to the house of cain
i been praying in light
of the warning moon
slay your doggone soul
i've been taken out of heaven
i been put upon this world
i been walking up and down
to and fro
save your doggone soul

i got bodies on the left
i got bodies on the right
i got bodies
up and down
all across town
save your soul tonight

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