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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Cloughy Is A Bootboy!, par Toy Dolls

Cloughy's lads are full o' gloom, coz Cloughy's in the changin' room
Why can't he nick off & leave them be?
He screams & yells & just because, Cloughy knows that he's the boss
Cloughy's rough & tough Cloughy's barmy

Cloughy's in a huff & tense, Cloughy's teeth begin to clench
A Cloughy fan asks for his autograph... "Can yer sign this Brian?"
He nuts him first & smacks him next, nobody makes Cloughy vexed
Cloughy is the chief Cloughy's the Gaffa

Cloughy is a football hooligan, now Cloughy's only at his prime
With his fist in yer nose when the referee blows full time

Brian Brian kicks & slaps & he shouts oi!
Brian Brian Cloughy is a bootboy

The judge tells Cloughy to keep calm, he's up for Grevous Bodily Harm
Cloughy stands and begins to YELL
Cloughy must have a screw loose coz Cloughy says he's gonna cruc..
Ify the cops when he gets out the cell



He kicks & slaps, he thumps & cracks,
He nuts & smacks and shouts Oi!

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