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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  What have we done, par Oi Polloi

i'm lost for words when i think of the depths to which we sink sometimes there just seem to be no depths to which our species will not sink. surely, in this day and age, we should be seeking to establish meaningful and constructive relationships with other higher intelligences like dolphins and whales. instead, however, we seen intent on either exterminating them or roping them in to our sick, perverted power games. how anyone can take friendly, playful wild dolphins and cold-bloodedly turn them into drug addicted killing machines is almost beyond comprehension. yet people do it. cold death flies from harpoon gun - the sea turns red - what have we done? a horrific death by harpoon - scientific research? blue whales, the largest animals on the earth, have already been hunted to virtual extinction while sperm whales (who are also highly intelligent creatures with complex social organisation and even their own culture) have found themselves bruttaly slaughtered by rich scum like aristotle onassis, the sick evil scumbag who even went so far as to use the penises of sperm whales to make his luxury yacht's bartools. poison and kill - we are the ones - see what we do - what have we done? not content with exterminating the most intelligent form of marine life, we are also doing a pretty good job of killing everything else in the sea as well. radioactive waste, oil slicks, heavy metals, chemical spillages - we're turning the oceans into radioactive cesspit. there are already upwards of fifty nuclear warheads and nine nuclear reactors lost on the seabed. pollute and kill - is that all that mankind can do?

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