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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Thrown on the scrapheap, par Oi Polloi

they fought in the war to keep the people free from the nazi scum who would invade our country fighting the fascist filth they risked their lives but now they're old and weak they're just left to die it ain't right - no way! it ain't right - they've been betrayed as soon as they're no use the government says goodbye they throw them on the scrapheap and leave them to die as soon as you're no use the government will say goodbye they're throw you on the scrapheap and leave you to die folk who've worked for society for all of their years given blood and sweat and toil and tears as soon as they're no use when they're too old the government lets them freeze to death in the cold on the pittance of a pension, struggling to survive freezing to death in the winter while the government stands by they don't care about the old but what did you expect? put your trust in government and this is what you'll get

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