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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Punx picnic in princes street gardens, par Oi Polloi

if you go down in the gardens today you're in for a big surprise if you go down in the gardens today you won't believe your eyes 'cos every punk 'n' skin that ever there was is there today because because today's the day the punx 'n' skins have their picnic! picnic time for punx 'n' skins the punx 'n' skins are out to have some fun picnic time for punx 'n' skins having a laugh in the sun oi! merrydown and salad rolls in hand we come from all across the land skins and punx out to have some fun having a laugh in the midday sun punx picnic! punx picnic! punx picnic! oi! oi! oi! punx picnic! - in princes street gardens park attendants quake with fear 'cos the skins and punx are here they all know not to mess so come and join the fun with all the rest having a drink and having a laugh trading zines and tapes - and acting daft making new friends and palying the fool so come to the punx picnic if you know whats good for you!

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