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governments and multinationals corrupt and twisted women and men are going to bring this planet to a premature end with their selfishness and greed they destroy anything of worth are you just going to sit and watch their rape of mother earth? they just couldn't care less about the ecological devastation inflicted by their insane striving for profit maximisation we've got to fight back we've got to give resistance or they'll pollute or exploit our world out of existence industrial accidents and radiation leaks so babies are born as freaks like the re-chem babies with one eye or those who windscale called before their time and the petrol is full of lead so kids grow up wrong in the head and aerosols destroy the ozone layer no protection - now we're laid bare and nuclear waste is dumped into the sea a slow poison for you and me and what once was fertile land has now been turned to desert sand and acid rain pours from the sky so whole forests withher and die and dirty cities, grey and drab cover the land like concrete scabs and toxic chemicals are pumped into streams death where once life would have been the whole situtation has got out of hand so go green and make your stand and it seems that you couldn't care less that our world is in such a mess it makes me wonder how long it will take before you finally awake please, please you've got to open your eyes 'cos you've got to realise exactly what those in power have got planned this is the last chance to make your stand now that we see what's going on we've got to stop them and we ain't got long this isn't something just to sing about 'cos our time is running out...

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