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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Forgotten, par Gorilla Biscuits

Dedicated to your cause look at all the friends you've lost.
Discarded because I'm no more use.
Our tight friendship is hanging loose.
Stepping on the people who were getting all the things you wanted.
now that you've got them we're forgotten. No need for token intrest in my life.
Don't make amends, don't even try.
Guilty Conscience?
Maybe not.
You just want more of what I've got.
Stepping on the people who were getting all the things you wanted.
Now that you've got them we're forgottten.

Try and think why you carry on this way.
It's not you talking.
It's your greed I hear.
Nothing means nothing If you're insincere.

I don' know why you decide I'm not worth calling up.
Things have changed between you and me.
We don't hang out but that's ok.

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