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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Backfire, par Side By Side

Hating life
You don't know what it's about
If it keeps up
We're gonna take you out
Trying so hard and playing your part
Cross my line again
I'll tear you apart
What goes up must come down
Your turn came
And you're lying on the ground
You cried for help
No one backed you up
The people knew when enough was enough
You're a sucker
Your life's based on hate
You're gonna fall hard
That's your fucking fate
All this hate
What is it for?
It's not something
That we can just ignore
A waste of energy, a waste of time
You can't see it
'Cause you're so fucking blind
In Your Face
To your level
We'll never bend
'Cause ganging up on guys
Is a fucking trend
You're the disease and we're the cure
Someday we'll take care of you
For sure

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