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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Mike Tyson, par Ludwig Von 88

I'm the greatest, I'm the king..."
Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Tyson
Mike Mike Mike Mike Tyson!

Punchin' on his right and punchin' on his left
Punchin' in your face, no blow below the belt
First round you're crawling on the ground
Mike Mike Tyson Tyson

Sweeping the nation with that deadly move
Punchin' on the front line, prime time T.V. groove
You'll dance, you'll jump, you'll twist to the sound
With Mike Mike Mike Tyson

"I'm the greatest, I'm the king..."

Fast movin' boy, he's punchin' to destroy
Just face it out, he's going for the knock out
Blood all over the ring, he'll down you in a swing
Mike Mike Tyson

"I'm the king..."

I can see the light and I can see the way
I can move tonight and get carried away
Everybody kneels before the king, the crown
Mike Mike Tyson Tyson

Left hook, right hook, can you take it all
Your nose glued to his gloves, you'll creep and then you'll crawl
Can't you hear the crowd, shoutin' out loud
With Mike Mike Mike Tyson

First blow is half the battle
The second one a one way ticket to heaven
Punch punch punchin' in and on
Mike Mike Tyson Tyson

Pumpin' love into another challenger's head
Keepin' on the footwork 'til they all drop dead
No one's strong enough, to bring down the champ
Mike Mike Mike Tyson

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