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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  The World Upside Down, par Useless

What the fuck is going on
Everything seems to be wrong
I can't believe it's the world upside down
The fucking small pieces of fruits
It fucking makes me wanna puke
If I'd eat lumps I'll ask for fucking gruel
It's like vomit in my mouth
It's disgusting I'll spit it out
It's immoral to crunch in a spoonful of yogurt
It's so limp my tongue
Is crimping feeling like a
Prudish first time swallowin
My face turn into a wince
On every load I eat
It's so gross that I'd rather not to feed
It's like curd milk when I take a sip
It tastes like shit and shit can't taste
Nothing else than shit
It's so gross I can't eat this
It's so gross I'd rather not to feed
It's so gross I can't eat this
It's so gross I better dive off a bridge
Fuck when you eat the coffee flavored one
There is no coffee bean in it
I wanna eat a peaches flavored one
can I without these pieces of shit
But it sucks

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