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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Sabotage, par Arrach

Welcome to our fight,
Now hope is out of sight,
It's time to the dive,
Only strongers survive,
When your dream is suffering
Be the bad student, holy accident,
The call, the voice, the accelerator…

We need sabotage !!!

We are locked into a cycle,
Stifled by the economic snake,
Get out politicians idle
At last we twisted their neck,
We began disruptive action,
Struggle set in motion,
Take care of their trick,
They're ordered a vicious process…

We need sabotage !!!

Clock'work on the stage
Crowd with the rage, it's sabotage !!!
Raised fist, be in the real,
Snag in the gear, skid, it's sabotage !!!
When your purse is empty
Heavy bills, single currency,
Stuck in strike, don't look back !!!
Blow embers till' blast
Warn your whore it's the high thrill…

We need sabotage !!!

Spirits ideologic subjection, no way !!!!


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