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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Knife Fight, par Pneu

jackep up/beyond the time of/mind and mine and/evrything always forever being totally fucked up/which is just goddamned fine

because it was never/or almost alwys as ever/a green field/of mottfled history/of you and me and what won't be/will not be

shining in the fight/my knife my krife/shining in the light/my night my night

and i wear it all the time/on my hip/where is shines and signais intent to answer the question that will outlive you how i get there?

and how'd i fail to see/that politeness is not optional/when dealing with the likes of me? And arcing up out my hand/a reasonable request from a reasonable man

watch your goddamned mouth/watch your goddamned mouth


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