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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  It's tatto time, par Adolescents

The only difference between tattooed and non-tattooed people
is that tattooed people don't mind if you're not tattooed!

Since my first time under the gun
It seems I'm never, ever able to stop
Next time I think I'll go see Patti Laguna
One of the coolest lady's around

Still, in some places its against the law
What's wrong with such a beautiful art?
Damn, I can't wait till the next convention
Show and be shown crucial tatt collections
Oh Yeah!

When I get that itching?
Ya, Body starts a twitching?
Well, I jump on my bike
And I race to the Pike
'Cos It's tattoo time!
It's tattoo time!

My homie's got his gun
He's gonna fill me full of ink
He's got the custom design
For life, it's gonna be mine!
It's tattoo time!
It's tattoo time!

Yeah, when I get that urging?
Yeah, body starts a surging?
Well, I jump on my Harley
And I visit Ed Hardy
'Cause It's tattoo time!
It's tattoo time!

Rob Roberts got his gun
He's gonna fill me full of ink
He's got the tribal design
For life, its gonna be mine!
'Cos it's tattoo time!
It's tattoo time!

My old lady's name is tacked on my arm
But we've long ago since broken up
Gonna take my problem to good ol' Kari
I know she'll do an Award-Winning cover-up

Checking all the flesh hanging in the parlors
Marks that make us stand out in crowds
I really take pride in my skin illustrations
Unite and be proud, for we're the tattooed generation
Oh yeah!


Well come on everybody, let's get a tattoo!
(Mahoney's Tattoo solo played on Rikk's arm)

(It's tattoo time, It's tattoo time)

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