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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Karaoke Against Fake Beauty, par Unlogistic

Hardly people make good leaders
Burt my commander was handsome
With lus blue fiercy eyes
Sent here for me full of wisdom
I wet my pants Iwas ready to die
I will fight for our god
I will die for your sin
And happy is the one who dies
I don't think it's so hard to die
Follow the deads,fall from the sky Whatever our god
Or whatever I Like
There are many proud of God
I kill you cause I love you
And no one will ever know you
I hope you try, please allow me to
But you suck the happy few.
Pretty beauty under a vail
Feel like I'm nothing at all
But I'm in pain Pretty beauty under a vail
Who can I save
I can barely trust anyone
We'll fight for our freedom
But they won't take me alive …
...They want to forget beauty
There's so many reasons to turn away,
So perfect...

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