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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Pmi-cracy, par Unlogistic

I am starving to feed my government
They eut off all the things that we deserved
Please let them know that I won't die for them
Let them know that we'll blow the country
We're broke we die !
We'll break off all our ohains.
We're broke we die !
We'll burn you all.
We're broke we die !
You will all die.
You took advantage of my people
You took away the riches we had
And all what's left within assholes
Is fury, madness, eager, prays
You turned away with lame excuses
You turned our little kids to action
So back down! Lay low!
And you're afraid to die !
I won't see you afraid to die
Those are all the things I have to endure
But we are hungry still
All the things I have to endure
We're gonna hate you, all of you
For all the things I had to endure.

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