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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Woman, par Anti-Nowhere League

I'm in love in you
My love is deep
My love is true
To you, woman, I'm in love

Your hair's so soft
Your eyes are blue
Your skin is warm
And I'll be true to you
Woman, I'm in love with you

You came to me in a dream, I'm sure
You gave your love, you gave much more to me
Will you marry me?

Do you take this woman
To be your lawful wedded wife
To love and to cherish
And in sickness and in health
Till death do you part?
I do.

Till death us do part [6x]

What's that you just said to me
You didn't love me like this yesterday
I don't understand

And what's that you did say to me
I guess this love is just more to me
You're annoying me

Yeah, you're sitting on your arse in your dirty clothes
You're looking a mess, you're picking your nose
You're a fucking mess

Your tits are big but your brains are small
Sometimes I wonder you got any brains at all
Ah stuff yourself

Well fuck you, fuck you
Don't you tell me what to do
Ah fuck off

I've got my deed, I've married you
What did I do to deserve you?
Why me?

I hate you

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