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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  I Won't Give, par Deadline

The blood on my hands, the sweat on my back
It’s dragging me down, it’s time to fight back
Do this, do that, do everything, is it worth it for the pay that we receive?

No No, do your own work I won’t take anymore, there’s gotta be a better way, I won’t give!

It’s happened again / 50 hours not much left to show
I ask myself / Is it worth it? shall I carry on?


Clean the office Clean the car
Take your takings to the bank
Sweep the yard Take the cash
Take the truck and top it up
Work Work! on the double
7:30 Don’t be late
Gonna need you in the morning
Don’t be late don’t be late


Do your own work. Sweep your own fucking yard. Clean your own fuckin car and take your own money…… PRICK!

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