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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Moving Lines, par Deadline

I’ve turned my back, taken up the slack
Walked round & round in circles for you
And it never made no change.
Pushed out the boat, I bared my throat
It seems it’s never ending
And it never made no change.
Oh I’m falling down inside
Oh I’ve got nothing here to hide

I’ve gotta get up step outside
And move the lines
Did you really think I’d let it all go by?
Get out & move those lines x2

I’ve played the fool, like never before
Building up to a bitter ending
You know something has to change.
I’ve broken rules, I blamed the tools
And you know that nothing’s working
You know something has to change
Oh with no-one on my side
Oh there’s nothing here to hide

Well I got up stepped outside
I moved the lines
You didn’t really think I’d let it all go by?
Got out & moved those lines x2

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