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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  1975, par Deadline

I don’t know, where I’m going
And I don’t know where, my life will take me but I’m
Happy now, happy as I’ve ever been, oh yeah!

I made it here, all on my own though there are
Some who’ll claim, to be the one who made me
I’m just saying, don’t need no help from you, oh no

Cos I’m here, I’m me, I’m free let me be
From a council flat to a B&B
I’ve been working hard now I got a place of my own

Oh oh yeah look at me now
I’ve come a long way now I know that I’m alive oh
Oh oh yeah look at me now
I’ve come a long way since 1975

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• samedi 12 mai 2018 20h00 avec sickside (majorque - fast hardcore), jeannot lou paysan (paris - one man band rock noise), ahuri (toulouse - duo rock noise), Pavillon Sauvage - 23, avenue Jean Dagnaux, 31200 Toulouse - 5 €