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It all started out with both you and me,
Playing each other's role so innocently
Till I realize I was out of control,
Time has come to take my life by the balls
It seems around me everything's the same,
But as I look again, I see all has changed
You've just brought confusion in my mind,
But mind control has changed my life
'Cause I couldn't stand me in you, I killed you in me,
The many masks I put have given me your identity,
I don't give a fuck about what you feel,
That's just the bastard in me!
Just see my bad side put to death,
How it happened, I really don't care
I have no regrets, I found myself today,
At last I feel connected with myself
I'm living to die, I'm dying to live,
No disguise in what I'm saying,
Telling myself, am I insane?
I know I didn't make that change in vain
Today's taking me where I'm meant to be,
It started with you and me, but it will end with me
I was your servant till I fall,
I won't waste myself on you no more!

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