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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Disorder, par Sisterhood Issue

The red lights are always shinning, and it's dark again
I keep the memories of a fuckin' night
Remember the rage
I remember the hate and this fuckin' sad side of our lives
Take it away !

Break the silence, we were all depressed
I'm out, I don't know why
You used to be on the streets, it's too late !
It's a sabotage that you won't see the end
Forever haunting you
Your own disorder, Can't clean that
You don't know why, I can see the light !
You take it away, you didn't want to die

I can see it in your eyes !
World of shit doesn't see you.

You could have thought about me my friend
You never wanted to die
And now you think it's too late
Cause you didn't want to see my light

Threat this disorder, see my light !
Threat this disorder, see my light !

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