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What does Direct Action Mean?
It means that you are no longer prepared to sit back and allow terrible, cruel things to happen. The cameraman in Ethiopa took direct action, he filmed the worst disaster that has ever happened to human beings. He realised it was too enormous a problem to handle himself - so he took the films home in the hope other people would help. They did. Are you prepared to sit back any longer? Direct action in animal rights means causing economic damage to those who abuse & make profits from exploitation. Start!

It's possible to do things alone, slash tires, glue up locks, butchers, burger bars, the furriers, smash windows, bankrupt the lot. Throw paint over shops & houses. Paint stripper works great on cars. Chewing gum sticks well to fur coats. A seized engine just won't start, sand in the petrol tank means that delivery's going nowhere. When the new death shop opens up make sure you're the first person to be there. If the circus comes to town remember what goes up must come down. Stop contributing to the abuse yourself - don't eat meat, don't buy leather. Buy non-animal tested make up, herbal soap & shampoo's better.

Try and form a group of people that you know that you can trust and plan ambitious direct action, sometimes risky but a must. Only when you have animal liberation will we obtain human freedom, when the last vivisectionist's blade is snapped. It will be that one step nearer to peace. Direct action in the animal movement is sussed & strong, and our final goal is not far off.

Animal lovers, vandals, hooligans, cranks; recognise the labels? They say we don't care about human beings. We say all sentient beings, animal or human have the right to live, free from pain, torture & suffering. They say because we are human and speak the same, we matter more. Is our pain & suffering any greater or lesser than that of animals? Human vs. animal rights is as much a prejudice as black vs. white or the nazis versus the jews, an affront to our freedom. Vivisection is a violation of human beings, the same as it is for animals. We have a chemical world built on a pile of drugs to thanks for their experiments. Drugs are designed for profit, manufactured to suppress symptons. Human freedom, animal rights. It's one struggle, one fight. When animal abuse is stopped, then human abuse will soon stop also, an attitude of mind. "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind". Start by protecting the weak, the defenceless, animals, the sick, the disabled. Compassion & emotion are our most important safety values. If we lose them, then 'we lose' the vitality of life itself. Emotional? Hooligans? Cranks?...

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