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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  The Ungovernable Farce, par Conflict

In an urban society everything connects. Each person's needs are feed by the skills of many others. Our lives are woven together in a fabric. But the connection that makes society strong, also makes it vulnerable."
Still the warning, same fucked weary government hell bent on war
Wondering where the reinforcements for the next are coming from
Afar they are led like cattle to be scapegoats to the scheme
While the lady laps up double cream, Mr. Newman plans & dreams
First, that means deception, lets be clever "we can fool the poor"
Secondly, attempts are made to cover up mistakes they make
When all else fails the boot-boys "jump", get kitted out in blue
The rest is left to the imagination, you get the point or it will get you
Some people said "No more of this", planned carefully their resistance
Made plans whilst staying underground then up to overthrow the system
Moves worked well and feeling spread that "victories" were made
They raised their mighty fist again, and...
Clamped down hard on passive resistance
Slammed shut the door to freedom, no entry given
Built bombs, tanks, threw shit at our reality
Destroyed peace, made war, then called it sanity, no!

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