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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  The Arrest, par Conflict

If you take part in direct action or the police don't like the look of you, you are likely to get arrested. Here's some things to and not to do. You don't have to say anything, nothing, but it is advisable (but still your choice) to give your name, address & date of birth, AND THEN SAY NOTHING ELSE. If you don't give them this you'll find they will only hold you for longer, while they establish your identity, but if you have been previously convicted don't give your date of birth, for you're on their computers in birth order. Then you are not obliged to answer any further questions at all. Most people that are caught are sussed out by their own evidence. The police are cunning but thick. DON'T HAND IT TO THEM ON A PLATE. You don't have to give your fingerprints, make them apply for a warrant, this sometimes is refused - especially if the evidence is flimsy. Never let them take your photograph this is only compulsory after you have received a prison sentence, so don't let them tell you different. You can demand suitable food; you might not get it, "keep on asking". You are entitled to make phone calls, but the bastards just won't let you. Remember the arresting officer's number, or any scum that treat you badly, make a legal complaint afterwards. Look bored - but stay polite. When they question, say "no comment", don't admit to any weakness. They are bastards trained by bastards. To protect, detect, & prevent us and our like from questioning let alone threaten the power that they cherish. Whatever you go through in a police cell is nothing compared to the suffering inflicted by governments. The state destroys, tortures & murders. We must stop them, using force if necessary. Remember that and good luck.

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