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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Someday Soon, par Conflict

Someday soon we'll take vacations on the moon.
Someday soon we'll build great cities under water.
And someday soon we'll create the ultimate human being.
And someday soon you won't believe just what you're seeing.

Yet they can't find a cure for a common cold,
But they can reconstruct a face, back to the young from the old.
The cancer spreads, the A.I.D.S. develops in it's victims,
Science counts the cost in lives, the cause and not the cure succeeds.

A child fights for life, in a state of confusion.
Dragged up in a cesspit full of class 'A' illusions.
The progress chart monitors, brilliant achievements.
It's a world where technology easily outweighs bereavement.
The market remains flooded with drugs that only suppress,
Twenty types that all do the same thing, profit and screw all the rest.
Who drop dead in the queue, to receive operations,
As the government reveal their new million pound sensation.

Dancing at the policemen's ball again,
We sing our songs of disgust, but they don't hear a thing
With heads held up high they raise a toast to progression,
And a record breaking turnover tenth year in succession.

There stands a woman she has no face,
Her baby cries out dying arms outstretched for embrace.
They have no stake in the society that demands their respect.
A world with any hope is all they can expect.

Someday soon we'll take vacations on the moon.
And someday soon we'll build great cities under water, yeah!
Someday soon we'll create the ultimate human being.
And someday soon.

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