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There must be a better way
There must be another way
There must be a clever way

(But don't give the game away)

There must be a better way
There must be another way
There must be a clever way

21, good looking from New York
Custom built to make big business talk
(It makes the women talk)
Next (new) product from their factory of life (lies)
The shooting of a star that could never, not ever, survive
Custom rock it sounds like a sex aid, just as cheap and twice as nasty
A carefully planned deception, another cash-in on reality
Rebellion from the N.M.E., costs 50p, the positive direction
N.M.A. build bombs for E.M.I. and support apartheid's foundations
"To spread the message further" and get across to a wider spectrum
That we need no nukes or fascists, we should unite and then take "vengeance"
Well I'm sorry, as we can't take seriously your whining groans of hope
You made your world now live in it, to us you're standing joke

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