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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  One-Way Ticket To Pluto, par Dead Kennedys

Get ready for the blast off!
And don't forget the hype!
We're going into space.
Distinguihed scientists
A pesky senator
And monkey turds leaking from the lab
All brought to us play-by-play by Howard cosell
You're going where no man has gone before
Because we owe you some favors
And besides you're bright
A little too bright
Step one:
nator, your vomit,
It's time to analyze it
For the folks back home
Open the hatch, launch the war satellite
That the commies aren't supposed to know about
Our real challenge is to keep it a secret
>From the press back home
You're going where no man has gone before
Don't ask us where that is-we have no idea
YOu're chosen for this great mission
Because you're hearty and strong
and make a lot of fuss
Especially around us
We like you better when you're far away
Have you noticed?
You're gong the wrong direction.
We have.
But that's your problem.
We planned it that way
We had to dispose of all of you so
We can spoil the final frontier
How dare you question our Star Wars plans
For the farce that they are?
You're going where no man has gone before
For rocking the boat
In our temple of doom
You're on a one-way ticket to Pluto
We wash our hands
Of you and your lost Ark
Don't forget to write...

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Elektrocution Rock'n Roll / Rockabilly (France)
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