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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Gone With My Wind, par Dead Kennedys

Wake up! Get down here quick!
the president's had too much to drink
His days of power are about gone
He's been talking to paintings in the hall
He says, "I'm finished, so what the hell?
My life is ruined, what matters now?
I've always itched for that last great thrill...
If I die all of you should too."
Gone with my wind
Out with a bang
I'm gonna end it all right now
Gone with my wind
Out with a bang
You're coming with me, oh wow
My bombs will rain down on D.C.
We'll nuke our enemies while they're asleep
We'll be safe in the ground below
And laugh and drink till the cows come home
So c'mon John, whadya say?
It's been dancing in my head for years
What'll happen if I push this button...
Let's start World War III for fun
Mr. President, just sit down
We should talk a little while, I'll pour another round
What about your memoirs' TV rights?
Sit tight--and watch the fire...
Let go of me. Do you think I'm mad?
To tell the truth, sir, I'd rather not say
Just keep your paws inside your pockets
And planet earth will be OK.
But you reached for the button anyhow
I had no choice but to knock you out
That's just last night's bump on your head
On to the next crisis, it's another day

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