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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Strange Denial, par Bad Religion

a mutinous enemy carved a nascent country
sweat, blood and valor forms the grit of our history
bequeathed to everyone: chance and free expression
substance was restrained and the spirit was broken
I feel a strange denial rhythmic as change
constant as time
lonely insistent whispers
somber as a wave bye bye
searching for solution, without constitution
blackcoats by our sides promising salvation
advocating dogma as tickets to hereafter
mortals in their prime with their desperate hands in the air
daunting complex and burning
rhythmic as change
constant as time
conflicts, craving approval
weighted as a murder trial
oh I feel a strange denial
correct is consensus
everything else, nonsense
forward is the hope
forget recompense
peace and tranquility is only for the wealthy
dearth for the masses and inequality
I feel a strange denial
rhythmic as change
constant as time
lonely insistent whispers
dissipating in the night
like a lone forgotten light
and no one is helping me
it's a strange denial

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