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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Hear It, par Bad Religion

like a morning crow and his unwelcome song
or a worn-out broken record that keeps skipping along
mountains of instructions you keep piling on me
resound like a cacophonous symphony
but I don't wanna hear it anymore
priests and politicians pretend they're your friend
and police speak to you like you're children again
blanket statements cover you like a rug
and they tell me maybe I'm acting a little too smug
but I don't wanna hear it anymore
every day we hear the secrets of life
reduced to cheap jokes, poetry, and friendly advice
they'd rather see us all pusillanimous
absorbent in their chorus of correctness
but I don't wanna hear it anymore

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Sparkrow Punk-Hardcore (France)
Vatican Commandos Punk-Rock (Etats-Unis)
Cataract Hardcore (Suisse)
Crucifix Street Punk / Oï (Etats-Unis)
Metal Urbain Punk-Rock (France)
Anti-Nowhere League Punk-Rock (Royaume-Uni)
Charles Bronson Trash / Crust / Grind (Etats-Unis)