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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Why'd You Have To Go?, par Bad Brains

Why'd you have to go little girl
and leave me alone
I've got no where to go little girl
I'm left all alone
So if i see you hangin around
I'll look to the sky
But don't come upon my door
I think I'll CRY!!

I loved you, this is true
I loved you, this is true

I can't take this shit no more
I'm about to die
So if i see you little girl
Don't no I'll cry
Hey baba! Ya i need ya
so don't go no wait no huh wait what what AHHH


Why'd you have to go
I'm on my knees baba
Why'd you have to go
Got nobody to depend on
Why'd you have to go
And now i am left with the chairs in the room and the doors
Why'd you have to go


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