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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Take Your Time, par Bad Brains

I am not afraid of doing the things I do.
There must be something better than liveing just like you.
Is this what scares you deep inside your soul is this the trip that takes you where you're so afraid to go.
Take your time and don't you fight what you know is true.
Take your time.
You're so afraid of dying but you're not afraid of flying.
Did you think that I would run from you.
Did you think you'd make me hide.
There's a peaceful reality above the earth and sky a beautiful situation awaits our faithful eyes.
Seeing you confused really don't turn me on.
I wish taht you would let go and let me lead you on.
Living with this love has blessed my earthy form, the soul is everlasting and here.
I'm safe and warm.
I have tasted fruits and honey from a land so far away.
I'd like you to come with me and stay for a day.
A million miles and running the atmosphere is stunning.
I know you'll want to stay here for the rest of your days.
Open up you mind and let your soul do the thinking.
Time to lose your hangups.
Take your time and let love sink in! I am not afraid doing the things I do.
There must be something better than living just like you...
Take your time and let love sink in.

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