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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Love Is The Answer, par Bad Brains

We a go come, we a go mash it down and bring on revolution with my jah sound.
And give the main solution with the love we found. We a go come.
Love is the answer, this you must remember now the life man has lost his way.
When the dollars na' run they wanfe kill and slay. And the book of revelations tells us of the day.
So jah jah say Love is the answwer this you must remember.
Sweet reggae music just carry vibes.
Never give up never lose sight no matter waht dem say, don't you fade away lose your way so jah jah say.
This is the life that we're livin'.
Love is waht we should be givin, we a go come, we go mash it down an bring on revolution with my jah jah sound.
We a go come, we a go mash it down, in the life man has lost his wa.
So Jah Jah say.
Hey, love is the answer love is the answer children.
Whenever did ya never did need no love.

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