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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Jah Calling, par Bad Brains

Some people look at me
and talk about me like a clown,
they just don't realize
it's just my simple way to get down.

I've got that supertouch,
chances are i've got too much
i've come to let you see.

That you can also can be free.
It seems like everytime we all try to go underground,
the stinkin troopers them they think that we are foolin around.

We have had enough, now we're gonna get real tough. It happens everyday that's why we got pma...

Shitfit-pople just pretending,
that's a letdown, undercover lover,
that's my heart now.

Struggle just in livin, that's the realm of.

Accept me as i'm not,
and that's a shit fit.

My best ain't good enough for you.
My test is what you gonna do,
ain't no any kind way,
love was lost in yesterday.

Now we've felt this, so you'll get yours now.

Everybody's livin and nobody's givin,
and nobody gives a damn,
you must understand me,
the end is surely comin, prepare for the final plan.

People just pretending,
that's a let down, undercover lover,
that's my heart now, sttruggle just in livin
that the realm of.

Accept me as i'm not and that's a shitfit.

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