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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  I And I Survive, par Bad Brains

Why must all the people keep on shooting and robbing.
Why? Why must must all the people keep on killing and fighting.
No, not I.
I and I will would never try.
No, not I.
I and I would never try.
And why must the rich man keep on hoarding all his money.
And why must the this poor man, my living ain't very funny.
No, not I.
I and I would never try.
No not I.
I and I would never try, try to live that way.
And what did Jah show them.
I and I survive.
They tried to stop this nation.
But I and I survive.
To chant down creation,
I and I survive.
And once again a nation.

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