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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  Free Edge, par No Time To Lose

Too much ambition and stupid competitions
Another way we have to find
I think it's time to free-edge your mind!

( feat. Manu" CARLOS CREW" (RIP) & "CASPER" )

Killed by the defence of the fences
Proof of the hypocrisy of this so-called democracy
But this death won't stop the mess! I WON'T DIE !

Cose I'm sick of all these pictures of horrors with dying poor
we are the people they can't no more ignore
we're driven by rage N We can break the cage!
Oh yeah, believe this ! We won't be a part of this alienation
we won't be defeated by lack of courage We refuse to die for the Corporations


No we can’t accept 80% of wealth on earth goes to the 20% who control us
Killed by the defence of the fences
Never 23 will turn to 24!
Sorry but this death won’t stop the mess
Promises won’t fool us anymore Anymore !

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