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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  September Rain, par No Time To Lose

It’s like it never happened, it looks like the end of the world
it’s like a bad movie with towers smoking and people running
State of alert - on September eleventh

Plane’s crashes building ashes
the world’s watching prime time’s victims
then the last shock and it’s done! there’s nothing left !
just the silence and the ruins…
we bury the bodies, pray for the ones who disappeared
Is there someone here to stop the rain ?

pain and distress on every face :it’s a story no one can tell
who needs reasons when reigns the fear ? general’s on parade
indecision is in the air no one knows what’s really going on

It’s loud like the silence after the shock
It’s September eleventh –1973 –
do you know where you are?
you are in Chile baby !

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