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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  (HxC) Superstar, par No Time To Lose

So you wanna be rock n roll star ?
to be how you look not who you are ?
Oh yeah you wanna burn Hollywood? real renegade for your neighborood!
for sure you know Public Enemy but you'll never swing like Jerry Lee
it's sounds like a rockn roll song which can't escape from radio
chords sound always the same and word just mean the game
singing revolution for freedom show must go on

to communicate just try hello...
acting on stage and then you go .
Some cool patches the nice badges
sixties references -if you please
oh baby you're so sexy !
let's talk about Noam Chomsky
maybe you can dance like Iggy
but you'll never rock like Chuck Berry
no way we don't need no star -NO WAY !

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