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FR   EN   NL   ES   IT   GE  A Little Each Day, par Suicidal Tendencies

Took a walk down under the street
Never thought that I'd see the day I would meet
Came and whispered in my ear
But I tried to pretend that I didn't hear
Turned my head and walked away
And I tried to forget what they had to say
Put on a smile and I tried to hide
But I couldn't keep myself from crying inside

Oh, I...So I turned my head and I walked away
Oh, I...And I tried to forget what he had to say
Oh, I...And I chalked it up as another day
Oh, I say...I died a little today

Took a journey through my brain
And they saw the scars and they felt my pain
Saw the things I didn't want to find
Knew the dreams I had over a bottle of wine
Thought if I lied I was going to win
But they said the battle wouldn't even begin
Thought about the lies that I said to myself
But I knew it's too late to find the help


I die a little each day

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