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- Blondie
Call me
Heart of Glass
In the flesh (1976)
One Way or Another (live)
Touched By Your Presence

- Blood for Blood
Cheap Wine
Revenge on Society + Paper Gangster + Soulless
Wasted youth crew

- Bold
Nailed To The X
Running Like Thieves (live au Showcase Theatre)
Talk is cheap (live, 2006)

- Boogers

Ecouter :
Emission consacrée à Boogers et Pneu
Creep (Radiohead cover, live Aucard de Tours 2007)
Talk to charlie

- Born Against
From Art from the Underground
Half Mast
Resist Control + The good father (audio)

- Born To Lose
Sweet Misery
We Got It Made

- Breakdown
NYC 1988

- Broken Bones
Annihilation No. 3 (live)
Decapitated (live, 1984)
Fuck Off and Die
Money, Pleasure and Pain (live, 1995)
Never Say Die (live, 1995)
The Possibility of Life's Destruction (live, 1995)

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D.O.A. Punk-Hardcore (Canada)
Zero Boys Punk-Hardcore (Etats-Unis)