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- Warzone
As One (live CBGB, 1986)
Crazy But Not Insane
DFTS, DFTS + Skinhead Youth
Don't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The Street
Fuck your Attitude
In The Mirror
Intro Bust + As One
The American Movement
The Sound of Revelution

- Wasted Youth
Good Day For A Hanging

- White Flag
Flaming Halos (à Riverside, juin 1986)
Kill yourself + Cheze + White Flag + Init (live 2008)
S is for space

- Wide Awake
Last Straw + False Pride (Antrax, 1988)
One Color (reunion, 1998)
The Truth (reunion, 1998)

- Wire
12xu (live, 29-04-2008)
Dot Dash
Drill (1987)
Eardrum Buzz
Heartbeat (1979)
In The Art of Stopping
In Vivo
Kidney Bingos
Outdoor Miner
Practice Makes Perfect
The 15th

- Witness
Fashion ID

- X
Because I Do
Los Angeles
Los Angeles + The Hungry Wolf
Under the Big Black Sun (Live on David Letterman)
We're Desperate
World's A Mess It's My Kiss (Live W/Riverboat Gamblers)

- Xray Spex
Germ Free Adolescence (1978)
I Am A Poseur
I Live Off You
Oh Bondage Up Your's
Warrior In Woolworths

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